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As the world is progressing day by day, technology has also reached the heights of the sky. However, the software we are going to talk about in this article has become a model in the world of Electromechanical engineers. This app allows everyone to gain experience, not just engineers but every user who wants to be skilled. However, it has amazing features inside, which you can enjoy on your Android phone with very little investment. This app is introduced as Simurelay.

Simurelay APK is an android mobile software. The aim of offering this is to provide facilities for those who want to keep themselves connected with a technical field. This app is a great resource for them. However, despite having knowledge about electromechanical for a long time, users do not see any specific way to test their skills. However, we are sure that this app will be the only choice for you that will serve you well in learning new skills.

So we hope that after trying this app you will be called a skilled person and will be able to carry out the work without any fear no matter how dangerous the work is. By using this app you will get so much skill in the electrical field that you will be able to perform every difficult task with a perfect result.


What is Simurelay?

In fact, this is a unique app in the field of technology that you can install on your Android phone to design all kinds of electrical projects. Inside which there are 3D simulation systems and technical equipment. like, Breakers, Contactors, timers, motors, Fuses, Switches, different lamps, AC, DC Sources, and many more are found within this app.

By using all these things you can create a project according to your need. And in practical work can travel from zero to hero in less time. However, in this app, these travel ups will able to be done without any investment yes if you want to enjoy extra premium things in this app then you can unlock extra things by spending some money. And thus you will be able to increase your skill further.

Standard features and elements of Simurelay:

  • Electromechanical projects can be made on it
  • It allows the use of all components like breakers, fuses, motors, switches, contactors, and more.
  • You can use your Android mobile without any account
  • View your drawing live
  • Unlock extras at a very low cost
  • No-Ban
  • No login, signup
  • Easy to use.

Available Elements:

  • Circuit Breakers 1 pole,2 pole,3 pole,4 pole
  • Isolators 1 pole,2 pole,3 pole,4 pole
  • Magnetic Circuit Breakers 1 pole,2 pole, 3 pole
  • Thermal Overload Relays 1 pole,2 pole, 3 pole
  • Fuses 1 pole,2 pole, 3 pole
  • AC Motors 1 phase,2 phase,3 phase
  • DC Moter
  • Contactors
  • ON/OFF Limit Switches
  • ON/OFF Emergency Switches
  • ON/OFF Push Buttons
  • Siren
  • Buzzer
  • Ring
  • Flashing Lamps
  • AC Single & Three-Phase Power with Neutral
  • DC Power
  • Protection Earth
  • And More.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):

What is the main function of the Simurelay app?

the main function of Simurelay is that where you can easily design all kinds of electrical circuits.

Is it easy to use?

Yes, this app is easy to use on Android mobile.

Is 3D simulation system available in this app?

Yes, you can make your own circuits in this app. You can test through 3D simulation.


Of course, Simurelay Mod Apk is no less than a great blessing for those people. who intend to pursue advanced skills in the field of electromechanicals. In fact, this is the only application where you can create drawings by applying all kinds of elements. Because there are no restrictions on it. You can download it from the link provided on our website And we believe that with this app, you will be able to learn a new skill regularly.

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