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DPT Modz
Android 5.0

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It is absolutely true that nowadays, Mobile Legends has earned its special place among gaming fanatics. Winning this game looks easy, but it is full of much more difficult missions than other games. Being a strong and brave warrior, you must fight till the end of the battle and defeat many enemies. But in the ML game, every player feels incomplete without good skills and advanced equipment. In this way, you will be exposed to the suicide bullets of the enemy in the war. Therefore, to make the heroes strong, the servants have revealed an amazing app called DTP Modz.

As the name suggests, DTP Modz is an MLBB modz, and this app serves as additional power in the game. That is, its main function is to remove the weaknesses of the players and increase the strength of their games. How? We will let you know.

So this app puts all the features and combat tools in front of its heroes for free, e.g., Unlocking all skins, including maps, currency, emblems, drones, and maps. With these things, you can make yourself relevant by using custom, which can destroy the enemy in the war.

Of course, every game, like ML, needs some extra features to score well. Yes, every player can try their hands at the tools and other features used to win the battle. While winning ML games doesn’t seem far-fetched without money.

But DTP Modz ML has also removed people’s worries. Because this mod app has unlocked many secrets and features to win in MLBB games through which every player can become a hero from zero.

What is DTP Modz?

In fact, DTP Modz MLBB is a rare tool used in an ML game, which leaves no stone unturned to master all aspects of the MLBB game. so its our responsibility to tell you. This app has played a key role in making the player dignified and independent in the ML game and equipping the players with advanced skills. This way, you will be able to become the strongest player in less time.

Whereas in an ML game, a player needs a lot of effort. But still, the players do not get the fruits of their labor. A player in battle without weapons and attributes is like a body without a soul. So like VVIP Enjoyers, this application also opens doors of mercy for players in ML games. So that every player can win the game with good results.

Features with multiple menus:

The DTP Modz app is the only way to show you easy ways to live long in ML games, unlock new features and items, and have advanced quality equipment to destroy enemies. This tool plays a key role in showing more skill in the game. And this app offers more features and unbelievable items. After using them, we hope you will feel stronger and more relaxed in the ML game.

following Menus:

Special menu:

  • Show Map
  • Show Room Info
  • Unlock All Skins and Emblems

Retributions menu:

  • Auto Retribution Turtle
  • Auto Retribution buff

ESP Player menu:

  • ESP Player Box
  • Line Size Custom
  • ESP Player Line
  • ESP Player Name
  • 360 Hero Name
  • 360 Distance

FPS change Framerate menu:

  • FPS 30
  • FPS 60
  • FPS 90
  • FPS 120
  • FPS 144

Attack menu:

  • Basic Attack
  • Take Sword (Ling)
  • Target priority
  • 1 to 4 Spell

Camera menu:

  • Drones 2x,4x,6x

Bypass menu:

  • Server Bypass
  • Block Banned
  • Block Report ID

Damage menu:

  • Damage Psycal + 5%
  • Damage Music + 5%
  • Defence Psycal + 10%
  • Defence Music + 15%
  • Enemy Psycal – 15%

Auto Skill menu:

  • Auto Combo Martis
  • Auto Combo Xavier
  • 2 Flicker Ulti
  • Auto Combo Gusion
  • Auto Combo Ruby
  • Auto Combo Badang
  • Auto Combo Selena


As you know, our main goal is to provide heroes with protective gear and other necessary items in the MLBB game, which shows how much we care about our heroes since our team has gifted you DTP Modz APK. Since then, we breathe a sigh of relief. Because this Mod Menu tool has permanently destroyed all the blocking path walls in the ML game, now everyone will be able to use the desired features and other things in the ML game.

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