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This unique app puts electrical power in front of you easily, As soon as you step into the social sites. Everyone will be in the process of trying it out for the first time, seeing all the details of the electrical system, allowing them to customize it and do it the best they can. So in this way, within this Electrical Calculations app, you can see a skill being generated in you from all kinds of calculations. you can claim it after using this app. That utilizing which you can measure each function of electrical power.

There is no doubt that after installing this app you can gain fame not only in the electrical world. Rather, the calculation of this app will also help you in your work. Thus you can find out the electrical power in a single second. In doing this you expose your mind as well as your maximum time. These apps let you get the most accurate results in seconds just on your mobile screen. In this way, you can learn more about the history of electrical power by following the formula for current, voltage, and resistance.

Further, it can directly operate the processes running in the electrical sector, like Active Power, Apparent Power, Power Factor, Resistance, Impedance, Current, Voltage, Wire size, and Current carrying capacity of insulated conductors.Current carrying capacity of bare conductor, Current carrying capacity of busbar, Conduit fill, Sizing of circuit breakers, Admissible let-through energy of the cable (K²S²), Operating current
Impedance from resistance and reactance, Power factor correction of transformer MV/LV, Power factor correction, Capacitor power at different voltage, Earthing system, Battery life, Primary/Secondary winding of transformer, Antenna length, CCTV Hard drive/Bandwidth, Temperature sensors
(PT/NI/CU, NTC,Thermocouples), Analog signal values, Joule effect, Risk assessment of overvoltages with atmospheric origin, Fault current of strings, Cable temperature, Losses in cables, Neutral current, Resistor inductor color codes, Resistor colors from value, SMD resistors code, and table of capacitor codes, Inductor alphanumeric code, Fuses (Marking, Cartridge, D-Types NH, Automotive), Sum resistors, Sum capacitors, Resonant frequency, Voltage divider and current divider, Zener diode as voltage stabilizer, Resistance to reduce voltage, Resistance for led and more.

What is Electrical Calculations app?

It is the only education app to present all the calculations used in the electrical sector on a smart mobile screen. The purpose of making it is to attract you to the modern era by using electrical power generation and its flow and control in your smartphone. In this way, you can easily find out the values of each component. However, after knowing the usage of this app well, you will be able to do every difficult task in electrical smartly.


Features of Electrical Calculations:

It offers endless features for electrical engineers and keeps the user in close touch with the technical field. Due to this, this app needs no introduction. it allows unlimited things in a bucket.


  • Current
  • Voltage Drop
  • Wire Size
  • Active Power
  • Apparent Power
  • Power Factor
  • Reactive Power
  • Resistance
  • Impedance
  • Maximum wire length
  • Current carrying capacity of insulated conductors
  • Current carrying capacity of bare conductor
  • Current carrying capacity of busbar
  • Conduit fill
  • Sizing of circuit breakers
  • Admissible let-through energy of the cable (K²S²)
  • Operating current
  • Impedance from resistance and reactance
  • Power factor correction of transformer MV/LV
  • Power factor correction
  • Capacitor power at different voltage
  • Earthing system
  • Maximum and minimum short-circuit current
  • Maximum short-circuit current with transformer substation
  • Cable temperature
  • Losses in cables
  • Neutral current
  • Resistor and inductor color codes
  • Resistor colors from value
  • SMD resistors code and table of capacitor codes
  • Inductor alphanumeric code
  • Fuses (Marking, Cartridge, D-Types NH, Automotive)
  • Sum resistors
  • Sum capacitors
  • Resonant frequency
  • Voltage divider and current divider
  • Zener diode as voltage stabilizer
  • Resistance to reduce voltage
  • Resistance for led
  • Battery life
  • Primary/Secondary winding of transformer
  • Antenna length
  • CCTV Harddrive/Bandwidth
  • Temperature sensors (PT/NI/CU, NTC,Thermocouples)
  • Analog signal values
  • Joule effect
  • Risk assessment of overvoltages with atmospheric origin
  • Fault current of strings.


  • Motor power
  • Motor Current
  • Motor voltage
  • Motor power factor
  • Motor efficiency
  • Motor from three-phase to single-phase
  • Capacitor start motor single-phase and three-phase
  • Motor speed
  • Motor slip
  • Diagram three-phase
  • Motor connection
  • Motor full-load current
  • Motor terminal marking
  • Power/ Maximum torque


  • Power conversion
  • AWG conversion
  • SWG conversion
  • Imperial/metric conductor size comparison
  • Voltage (Amplitude) conversion
  • Δ-Y conversion
  • HP/kW conversion
  • Section conversion
  • Length Conversion
  • Sin/cos/tan/φ conversion
  • Energy conversion
  • kW – BTU/h conversion
  • Temperature conversion
  • Pressure conversion
  • Ah – kWh conversion
  • Gauss – Tesla conversion
  • RPM – rad/s – m/s conversion
  • Frequency/ Angular speed
  • Torque conversion
  • Byte conversion
  • Angle conversion


  • UL/CSA fuse class
  • Standard resistor values
  • Tripping curves
  • Table of resistivity and conductivity
  • Table of unitary voltage drop
  • Dimensions and weight of cables
  • Atex marking
  • CCTV resolutions
  • Power distribution systems(TT,TN,IT)
  • IP/IK/NEMA protection classes
  • Electricity symbols
  • Plug and socket types
  • IEC 60320 connectors
  • NEMA connectors
  • EV charging plugs
  • Wiring color codes
  • SI prefixes
  • Units of measurement
  • Pipe dimensions.


  • Ethernet wiring (RJ-45)
  • Pinout Ethernet with PoE
  • RJ-11,14,25,48
  • Pinout Scart
  • Pinout USB
  • Pinout HDMI
  • Pinout VGA
  • Pinout DVI
  • Pinout RS-232
  • Pinout FireWire (IEEE1394)
  • Pinout Molex
  • Pinout Sata
  • Pinout Apple Lightning
  • Pinout Apple Dock Connector
  • Pinout PS/2
  • Fiber optic color code
  • Pinout led
  • Pinout Raspberry PI
  • Pinout ISO 10487 (Car audio)
  • Pinout XLR (Audio/DMX)
  • Pinout MIDI
  • Pinout Thunderbolt
  • Pinout SD Card
  • Pinout Sim Card
  • Pinout IO-Link


  • Current, Voltage, Power
  • Resistance, Impedance
  • Power factor, Active power, Reactive power, Apparent power
  • Wire size
  • Voltage drop
  • Maximum Wire Length
  • Current carrying capacity of busbar
  • Sizing of circuit breaker
  • Power losses in cables
  • Cable temperature
  • Earthing system
  • Maximum and minimum short-circuit current
  • Voltage divider and Current divider
  • Angular frequency
  • Motor speed
  • Motor slip
  • Δ-Y conversion
  • Section conversion
  • Voltage (Amplitude) conversion
  • Temperature conversion
  • Angle conversion
  • RPM – rad/s – m/s conversion
  • And more.

Final Words:

You must be thinking that this Electrical Calculations APK contains information related to the electrical sector of the world. Yes, it indeed allows every user to get on experience of components with all kinds of formulas. Thus Step forward and master with an excellent result.

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