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Technical staff, we present to you an app that provides opportunities to learn and enjoy circuit creation. Well, we hope that by installing this app individually, you can give your technical skills a name. However, this Circuit Jam is a helpful way to get your first step into the world of electronics. Because every user has a sincere desire to solve the circuit puzzle fairly. So let this app take you light on your mobile. This way you can earn maximum profit from this popular app.

As the name suggests, it can prepare itself for questions and answers by making all kinds of circuits in seconds in the field of electronics. We know you guys have not seen apps like this before in the electronics field that let you design circuits. Remember, no money is spent on this. However, after opening this app, you get to experience more than 1000+ puzzle circuits with a unique simulation system. Also, there is no restriction for using electronic components and other things. This means that you can check using each component to design the project.

Moreover, it is in front of your eyes that you use electronic things. You don’t know that every electronic device has its own logic in the form of a structured circuit. Thus every circuit has an infinite number of electronic components. However, this app lets you know the secrets behind all the electronic devices for co-op. So that you can combine a unique skill with an enjoyment of the field of electronics with a great result.

What is a Circuit Jam app?

Funnily our team calls it an easy task circuit app in which you can connect various devices. Each of your circuit voltage, current and resistance measurements, and other things can determine the actual power. Puzzles indicate errors during initialization and circuit building. Instead, let him repeat the same thing over and over again. Until you correct this circuit. You can see with your own eyes the current flowing in the circuit through the battery and other resources. However, a similar app i.e. (Every Circuit) app is available on our site ( fill more voids in the field of electronics. It is your upper choice which app you want to enjoy playing.

Android screenshots:

characteristic of Circuit Jam:

The features of this app are quite advanced at this time as its invaluable features take this app to new heights. There is absolutely no doubt that easy circuit making and playing this app like a game is a pride for the users. So all the components are at your fingertips to customize your installation.

  • Crossing the first puzzle ladder opens the second puzzle circuit.
  • Provides full support in case of error.
  • Offers more than 100+ different puzzles for further mastery.
  • A direct current flow looks at the mobile screen.
  • Learn the answer to each question.
  • You can see the waveforms of each circuit with AC DC power.
  • You can change the values of each component as usual.
  • Unconditionally open the sandbox.
  • Free from all forms of fraud.
  • is light in weight.
  • There are no charges for stalling this electronic app
  • And more.

Unlocking the following puzzles by solving the current puzzle:

  • Current.
  • Voltage.
  • Resisters.
  • Ohms law.
  • Capacitor.

Unlocked Sandbox portion:

The Sandbox door of this apk is always open so you can make some easy circuits. However, it can use limited components as you solve the above puzzles, this app unlocks more components. Don’t worry it’s like a game where you have to cross the first floor to reach the second floor. Thus one can enjoy learning a lot from this app.

Last line:

Finally, such derating devices play a key role in today’s electronics. Undoubtedly, knowing the world of the electronics field has become very important. We are honestly asking for you. Thus Circuit Jam apk allows you to experience the best circuit results, and get the best circuit skills by installing this app.

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