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By the way, popular games are played with great enthusiasm worldwide, which you can enjoy anytime. And most of these games can be enjoyed on Android phones as well, with great results. Like basketball, cricket, football and other games, if seen, among all these games, football games are the most popular and provide entertainment in a unique way. Continuing this tradition, JGM X Melon APK now offers a service that allows Football fans to experience football on their mobile phones.

JGM X Melon is a unique Soccer game. The only android game millions of people are crazy about in less time. You need to beat worldwide football teams in this game by participating in different tournaments and clubs. To do so, you have to make the team first, and for team drafting. This game offers more than 1000 players for you. All the players are developed to take different positions in your team. Some are best for bringing goals for your team, and many are defenders so that no team can score a goal against you. Hence, making more goals again the opposition in the given time makes you the winner of the match. And continuously winning the matches leads to winning the world cup and other bigger cups for you.

This Andriod Football game is available on our site apkmoon.net with their latest version, recently introduced by the official owners. Unfortunately, many people are not aware that it has been updated recently. The reason is that many websites are offering links to older versions. As a result, people failed to get the latest version of this game. But we have presented the latest version APK file to you guys. The latest version has added more features which are surprising for the users who used its previous versions. No doubt, now it brings dreamy features that everyone likes and wants.

Features of JGM X Melon MadFut:

Yes, this is a popular gaming app, but it has become even more popular due to its innovative feature. In which the beauty of the 3D ground, the way of running and walking of the players, and the sounds of the whistle with the signals of the umpire are the centre of attention of the fans. So you can enjoy this game’s features on your Android phone for no money charges with great results.

Thousand plus players:

This is the best feature of this game for each team, unlike other games. You can easily select your favourite players, make a great team of 11 players, and win the world cup by defeating the opposing teams.

Full Team Drafting:

As you know very well, In JGM X Melon Madfut APK, you can change the names and skins of the most famous players in the world from the draft list given in this Football game. You can choose one of your popular 11 players with the names of these famous players whenever you want. And can play as a team.

Entirely Free:

In fact, all popular features in this app are available free of cost to play and experience. So that many people can enjoy the best way by playing this innovative game.


By the way, other such gaming apps are available enthusiastically on the social platform, but they cannot stand in front of the JGM X Melon APK. Because this game is a more modern matcher with the Latest upgraded version, which the people need. So please visit our website apkmoon.net and click on the given Download link and enjoy this exciting game yourself and share it with your friends. We hope you enjoy the football game to the fullest with a good result.

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